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My goals in:

achieved with Coldraid

GTM Strategy

Support in structuring your offers

We help you structure duplicable offers in order to have them easily produced and sold by third parties.

Accelerate sales

Match with as many future customers as possible

We detect the best opportunities for you by connecting you with companies wishing to buy your offers.

Scale the process

Deploy sales forces

We recruit your sales forces or provide you with our external sales forces.



Coldraid is a company that has developed its own technology allowing it to find the contact details of any European leader, but also to organize large-scale multi-channel prospecting campaigns in order to connect sellers and buyers.

We have developed many additional prospecting and sales services in order to better support you in your objectives.

Our team

Guillaume Dumet

Sales director

Vincent Safer


Pauline Leconte


Yann Travaillé

Bis Dev

Guillaume H

Bis Dev

Marine Depreaux

Campaign Manager

Élise Tumak


Our promise is simple :

We bring you more customers
by guaranteeing you a return on investment

Choose Coldraid

Why us.

Our tech

As owners of our own technology, we are not dependent on third-party B2B data providers. Thus, we are able to provide you with guarantees and an unequaled quality of service.

Our vision

Coldraid is a solution that we created to meet our own needs.

It is thus structured to provide our own sales department with the means for its success. This also allows us to have permanent feedback on the effectiveness of our solution.

A direct approach

Coldraid is a solution allowing you to attack your prospects even before they realize that they need your services, and therefore before they start researching and compare you with your competitors.

Develop new channels

Like all business leaders, you need to multiply the maximum number of acquisition channels in order to diversify and secure your business as well as possible.

Reduce your costs

By matching you directly with your target customer archetypes, you:

  • save your time;
  • save your financial resources;
  • go straight to the point;
  • grow your business and its revenue without the fuss.
The secret of our guarantee

Technology Coldraid

For more than two years, we have been developing our technology to allow you to reach more and more companies, in order to:

  • expose them to your offers;
  • confirm that they have a problem that you can answer;
  • ensure that they want you to contact them with your offers;
  • ensure that you can always sell more.
Coldraid technology

Email Process


We can reach your targets by segmenting them according to:

  • - their geographical areas;
  • - The size of their businesses;
  • - Their turnover and margins;
  • - Their sectors of activity;
  • - Their number of locations;
  • - And many more criteria.

Coldraid technology allows us:

  • - to prepare the domain names necessary for sending;
  • - Heat domain names, sending servers and sending IPs to ensure the best possible deliverability;
  • - To send hundreds of thousands of emails if necessary;
  • - Segment feedback and refine contact typologies accordingly;
  • - Put a project manager behind each campaign to ensure the quality of the matches generated;
  • - And many other possibilities.
Coldraid Tech

SMS process

All options

We apply the same techniques used to reach your targets as those implemented by email.

Always more prospects

Many prospects no longer respond to emails or do not respond to them themselves.

This is also why we contact them directly on their mobile phones.

#recruitment #salesforces

They sell
for you.

We support you from the recruitment of your employees to the provision of external sales forces.

Outsourced sales forces

You do not want to recruit internally, nor manage, organize a few teams for the moment?

Or do you just want to quickly mobilize auxiliary troops to your own?

Click below to find out how our offers work.

Recruit my sales

Do you need to recruit employees to solve problems related to sales?

Would you like to learn more about our sales recruitment services? click below.

Our clients
talk about us

“I used the Coldraid solution to speed up my prospecting and I'm satisfied with it. Having a digital marketing agency specializing in lead generation, I naturally wanted to benefit my own clients by becoming a franchisee. »

Thibault Benhalla
CEO of TB Digital

“I was struggling to attract customers for the past few months, then I heard about Coldraid. I tried their emailing solution, and I find that it is the best both for targeting and for attracting new customers who largely repay this investment. This is why I, in turn, wanted to offer this opportunity to my clients by becoming a franchisee. »


Saad Msaid
GoBoost CEO

“A very nice experience!

I have increased my turnover by 21% in recent months thanks to contacts qualified by Coldraid"

Cyril Bessous CEO Job2Next

"Leads on autopilot

If you need a new acquisition channel that just works, you should definitely consider Coldraid. Their onboarding process is super smooth, basically everything is taken care of once the ideal and complementary outreach targets are defined. You can set it and forget it until the leads reach your inbox! More importantly, this partnership basically paid for itself after 5 days, with no extra charges besides the monthly fee.
Highly recommend! "

Nikita Mark Tenderes

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