Match with as many customers as possible

We massively contact your future customers in

if necessary.

By guaranteeing you to benefit thanks to our technology.



Coldraid is a company that has developed its own technology allowing it to find the contact details of any European leader but also to organize large-scale multi-channel prospecting campaigns in order to connect you quickly with your future customers.

Our promise is simple:

Bring you more customers
By guaranteeing you a return on investment


Your core market

Describe your target to us, then our technology will automatically find the contact details of the managers of the companies concerned.



Launch in 1 week

Once the coordinates are found, our technology begins to work and produce results after the first working week.



Guaranteed results

Owners of our technology, we can use it enough to guarantee you results.


Choose Coldraid

Our Email

Coldraid is both able to:

  • – find the contact details of business leaders in your target market;
  • – Prepare mailing servers, IPs, domain names and all the infrastructure needed to send massive mails;
  • – Copywriter the email sequences that will be sent to your prospects;
  • – Track clicks and conversions;
  • – Automate feedback and readjust sequences when needed;
  • – Put an operator behind every campaign to make sure you match with businesses that want to be matched with your business.
But still


As you know, we can create the best e-mails, however not all business leaders necessarily respond to their e-mails or do not necessarily see this type of solicitation in a good light.

That’s why we’ve duplicated our technology so it can also send text messages while making the same guarantees available to you.

Always more

Our Telepros

In order to be always more certain to be able to bring you the results you are aiming for.

We also work with many experienced telemarketers in order to match you with as many companies as possible and through as many channels as possible.

Why choose prospecting over other solutions?

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Offers without subscription or renewal.
Indicative rates negotiable according to your request.

30 qualified appointments


Tailor-made rates
Meeting with your prospects:
  • corresponding to your targets;
  • Having a pain you can respond to;
  • Interested in your offers and wishing to know more;
  • Having made an appointment in your diary or having left them with you;
  • Of which you provide us with the coordinates.
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